Testing My Green Thumb

Wow! It’s 62 here in Central Illinois!!! On December 26th!!!!

So I decided to test my green thumb and get my hands dirty. My in-laws were throwing their ferns out… a plant that hates my energy… anyway I let them die back so I could cut and separate. One I just cut and put in larger container. The other I split into quarters and potted.

Make sure you have sharp tools …

The Victim
If you don’t repot half way through summer they will look like this… root bound! Yuck!
Be kind but tough and cut them apart.
Half way there!
Oh Yeah!
Remove but retain the dirt and loosen up roots.
There in the middle!!! HOPE!
Now the babies can get some water and hide in the dark to concentrate on their roots ;p
So for the big one… I just cut some unneeded roots and spread them out.
Cover with soil and water…

Forgot to take pics after watering… I’ll get them up tomorrow…

After you water them just keep them in a fairly warm area out of the sun for a few weeks. Continue to keep them moist, you should begin to see more starts.

I’ll update soon! Wish me luck!

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