2020 New Additions and Beginnings…

The last five years has just flown by….. We thought it would be much longer before we arrived this close to being fully off grid. Don’t let anyone tell you this journey is a piece of cake! There are SO many ups and downs, but, it is the most amazing feeling to walk out daily to the critters of the farm! You would not believe how loving and rewarding they can be. But oh these goats! Talk about ESCAPE artists!!! Holy Moly!! Good thing is if you step back and watch they will give their escape avenues away EVERY time!! Hahahahahahaha! Well later this weekend I will be sharing a little more back ground sorry for the lack of info…the new fur babies (goats) and feather babies (1 turkey, 2 ginnies, 2 olive eggers, 2 bramhas) came about a month EARLY!!!! Had to ruch the fencing process 😛 Well night and hope all is well!!

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